18 July 2011

Hot Site: Forever 21

Just recently, I returned from an amazing trip to California. Loved it! While in Los Angeles and San Francisco, I could not get enough of the fashion store, Forever 21

In a nutshell, it's akin to Primark, only with higher quality fabrics, textures and trends. They give you a shopping basket, so it was literally supermarket sweep for an hour, with so many styles to choose from. My favourites were slouchy t-shirts with animal illustrations and the cute, tribal print, cut-out playsuits. The prices are amazing so it's hard to know when to stop, but soooo good! 

The best bit...you won't need to book an expensive flight as they have their own UK website, which has free shipping on orders over £50. You will get so much for 50 smackers! Enjoy...
Cropped Melange Top, £11.50
Knit Maxi, £18.75
Floral Print Overalls, 18.75
Scalloped lace Dress, £18.75

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