7 June 2011


I think, I may possibly have stumbled across the best fake tan EVER! SUN-BELIEVABLE: The Expert Tan, created my nail guru, Leighton Denny and tanning expert, James Harknett, is virtually odourless and lasts an entire week. 

I thought the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse was impressive, until I applied this foam. The colour is rich and golden, with an olive tone and the accompanying black, tanning mitt is a dream applicator. The product glides on beautifully and I've received lots of comments on how natural the colour is. 

Finally, before I gush anymore, when I awoke, there were hardly any tan marks on the bed sheets - amazing. GET. IT. NOW.
Sun-Believable TAN ME Self Tan Mousse and mitt, £30 for 200ml, available from QVC

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